Jaeger dash for Simca 1000 and the Coupe versions, and Rally 1 and 2, and the 1100TI

Jaeger made for the Simca 1000 (1961-1978) one of the first special tableaux. in 1962 the 1000 coupe by Bertone came on the market (1962-1967)and was using the kit of Jaeger instruments as later were used in the tableau. For the Simca 1200 coupe (1967-1972) a new kit of instruments were set in place. The first picture is a Jaeger brochure for the Simca 1000 tableau, the second for the coupe Bertone and further a picture how the instruments were arranged and another with different pointers. The next one is for the TI 1100. Then a picture from an Simca 1000 Rally 1 and the Coupe 1200S, 1969, and the last one is for the Rally 2, but here are Veglia instruments used. On the last pictures a Veglia version for the 1000 coupe!