I am always looking on the internet for pictures regarding Jaeger or the jaegertableau for the Citroen DS. So now and then I find something, mostly the pictures are showing pieces of homework.


Anoniem zei…
This is the dashboard of my car, I even don't know how this picture came on the net! This homemade work was done very early (the car is one of the very first with the "new" dashbord late 61'. Another part of the work is not visible here: in place of the ashtray, there are 2 jaeger indicators (water temp and voltmeter) still with an aluminium home made base. The added green bulb and switch is for a rear light. Regards
Martin Danen zei…

Thanks for your comment. Can you send me a picture of the complete dash?
Hope you enjoy the blog!

Anoniem zei…
Hello Martin,

Yes, nice blog!

I just sent you the picture of the complete dash, with some explanations.